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Sapulpa Soccer Club is focused on promoting and providing a safe, fun, and encouraging atmosphere to learn the game of soccer. We strive to grow players individually as well as showing the importance and benefit of utilizing teamwork. SSC welcomes all players regardless of playing experience, level, or abilities.

Parents are also valued within our club. We have several ways parents can volunteer within the club to help make the club operate smoother and make for a better overall experience. Coaches, Team Managers, Board Members, Concessions, Field Maintenance, Event Workers, Fundraisers, and Referees are all ways that members can help out. 

Our core mission is to develop players at all levels by sharpening their skills and mindset to facilitate their next progression in soccer and in life. We welcome you to SSC, and believe you will enjoy ‘your’ club as we make it a corner-stone for our youth players for years to come. Please see the 'Contact Us' link if you have questions, suggestions and/or would like to support SSC.

03 Feb 1978 - The Beginning Of SSC

REGISTRATION for the newly formed Sapulpa Soccer Club, member of the Green County Soccer Association, for youths in grades 1-6, will be held Saturday, Feb 4 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Woodlawn school cafeteria. Teams will be formed for boys and girls. The $7 fee will be assessed for each participant. Gina Carletti (far right), an experienced soccer player, demonstrates to Roger Polston, Andrew Carletti, Stacy and Cale Sherwood the highlights of the game. (Herald Photo)

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