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Welcome Rise players, parents, and coaches! 

We are excited to officially announce our partnership with Rise! Rise is a newer competitive soccer club that will open the door for more opportunities and better avenues for our soccer community. They are independently run by Bobby Behrens in partnership with Sapulpa Soccer Club.

So, what does that mean for our club? That means that they are now a part of the Sapulpa soccer community and they contribute financially. That also means they have the same right to the facilities as all other teams. This is a welcomed change and improvement for our club. This will help with field maintenance costs as well. Currently we have bigger facilities than we have in the past, however we will make sure that all teams have adequate space for practicing and that change might seem a little tighter than the last two seasons. This is temporary until the rest of our new facilities are finished. The current timeline is around Spring 2024. We ask for your patience as we evolve and grow.

The opportunity with Rise opens up avenues for better coaches, teams, competition, hosting our own tournaments, pathways for college and professional play. This gives us a better foot hold into the soccer community. 

With the addition of Rise we hope to improve The Sapulpa Standard.

Meet the Rise Staff

We are here to provide you and your family with the best competitive soccer experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished coaches and administrators. Read the bios below to learn more about your coach and other leaders in our community.

Bobby Behrens

Director of Competitive 
Current Team(s): 2006 Boys, 2004 Boys

Phone: (918) 638-4690
Email: [email protected]


About Bobby Behrens: 

Previous assistant at Oral Roberts University, 4 year letter winner at NSU, founder of Rise.

Chance Miller

Current Team(s): 2007 Boys
Phone: (918) 851-9481
Email: [email protected]


About Chance Miller: 4 year letter winner at NSU, captained the team 2014-2015.

Devaughn Williamson

Current Team(s): 2007 Girls

Phone: (918) 815-8859
Email: [email protected]


About Devaughn Williamson: Bahama's National Team Player, played at Oral Roberts. 

David Hernandez

Current Team(s): 2009 Girls
Phone: (651) 368-3455
Email: [email protected]


About David Hernandez: Played professionally in 3rd division in Guatemala.

Cameron Rumley

Current Team(s): 2010 Boys, 2004 Boys
Phone:(918) 557-8554
Email: [email protected]


About Cameron Rumley:

Highly decorated high school player for Glenpool, played at Oral Roberts. 

Joel Riffle

Current Team(s); 2004/2005 Girls

Phone: 918-891-6570
Email:  [email protected] 

About : Winningest coach for Glenpool men's soccer.