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Registrar / Ref Assignor / Office Manager - Kim Stephens

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01/2020 - 6/2021   Board Member

6/2021 - Current   Registrar

My name is Kim Stephens and I have served on the board since January 2020 and I just completed my 1st season as registrar for Sapulpa Soccer Club! I didn't not have the privilege of playing sports as a child even though I wanted to play soccer! It just wasn't achievable due to our living situation and things beyond my control. I became involved with Sapulpa Soccer club 5yrs ago when my youngest began his soccer playing journey with the club and quickly developed a love and commitment to the club and community! My goal is to make sure every child that desires to play soccer has the opportunity to achieve that dream! I also have a deep desire to see the club grow and thrive and to make sure every child has the opportunity to experience all that the soccer community has to offer! To me it's not just about the sport, we are here to teach and develop our future! We are teaching highly important life skills and raising up the future!

Director of Coaching - Jerimiah Chai

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President - Jason Ward

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12/2019 - Current   Board Member

      06/2021 - Current   President

I’m serving my first term as board president and my second term as a board member. I'm the owner and founder of Sapulpa Daylight Donuts, both locations, Lincoln & Mission and Main & Bryan. I played soccer starting at U8 through high school for Victory Christian School in Tulsa. I've been a SSC coach for 5 awesome seasons. My vision for the SSC is: Classy with a high level of sportsmanship, passion, and is highly competitive. A club that is unified by a common vision, continues to improve, and evolve.

Vice President (Fields) - Justin Barr

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2nd VP (Communcations) - Monika Miller

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6/2021 - Current  
Board Member / Communications (2nd VP)

My name is Monika Miller. I am the current Vice President over communications. I’ve been a coach with SSC for 4 seasons as a U6 coach and 1 season as a U10 coach. My mom coached me as a child with SSC from U6 - U12 and then I went competitive with Metro in Tulsa. I am honored to coach my children and your child/children in the game I love. I am currently a debt collector, and a mom to 3 girls and 2 boys. I look forward to making this club bigger and better and can’t wait to see where this club goes.

Secretary - Tabitha Downs

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Treasurer - Jalynn Fletcher

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Board Member - Eric Hill

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Board Member - Paul Walter

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4/2019 - 10/2019  Board Member / Treasurer

6/2021 - Current  Board Member

I'm a huge fan of local community and try to give back whenever possible. I make sure the line of communication between the club and the city stays open and productive. I've been apart of the 138FW OKANG unit in Tulsa for going on my 13th year now. I work as an aircraft electrician on the F16's and I love what I do. I bring the same passion and focus to our community and club. I've been a coach for SSC since spring 2018 and have coached 7 outdoor seasons, 2 indoor winter seasons, and have been through a few tournaments. I never played soccer growng up, due to the town I grew up in (Henryetta) not having it. However, I have played several other sports my entire life. I took a crash course in the sport of soccer and I've never looked back. I currently coach a U12G team in the Rec + division and have been Rec + the past 3 seasons. This is my second time on the board, the first was cut short due to circumstances outside of my control. My vision for the future is to bring the club up to date to stay relevant in all forms and realms of soccer. The new sports complex will help us get there, but there is still a ton of work to be done. Our city deserves to move forward and so do our children.

Board Member - Nate Callison

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Board Member - Vacant

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SSC Board Members:

  • President - Jason Ward
  • 1st VP (Fields) - Justin Barr
  • 2nd VP (Communcations) - Monika Miller
  • Secretary - Tabitha Downs
  • Treasurer -  Jalynn Fletcher
  • Member - Paul Walter
  • Member - Eric Hill
  • Member - Nate Callison
  • Member - Vacant


Other Club Contacts:

  • Office Manager - Kim Stephens
  • Registrar - Kim Stephens
  • Ref Assignor / Game Scheduler - Kim Stephens
  • Director of Coaching - Jerimiah Chai

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Sapulpa Soccer Club
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