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In the event of rain, SSC Board Members will determine when the fields are playable as soon as possible.  We want to keep the kid’s safety at mind but play through any light raining if we possibly can.  Know your opponent’s contact information so they may be reached in a time of cancellation. Home team coaches are responsible for making the other team is aware of the rain-out. The number one factor in cancelling any games will be the safety of the children.  Soccer is played in the rain sometimes and it will not hurt the kids.  Excessive standing water, heavy rain, and lightning can be reasons to cancel a game.  If the fields are “closed” there is to be no practices or games on the fields.  If the fields are “open” games and practice can continue as scheduled. 


General practice relative to delaying, temporarily stopping, or canceling games:


  • Severe rain has occurred through the evening before a game day leaving significant standing water on the fields and in SSC’s judgment, playing on the fields could severely injure a player and/or damage fields. 
  • The fields are generally covered with residual snow and in SSC’s judgment, playing on the fields could severely injure a player and/or damage fields. 
  • There is visible lightning or approaching lightning is detected – Games are required to be stopped.


Game reschedules are required to be done at least 72 hours in advance of the game in questions show time. All game reschedules must go through the SSC Register at [email protected] and be approved with a confirmation email. If the game needs to be rescheduled in less than the time required due to the home team, the home team will be fined $15. If a game needs to be rescheduled more than once there will be a reschedule fee of $15 for each additional reschedule. No games will be rescheduled on game day with the exception of a weather cancellation.


Teams who do NOT show up ready to play at their scheduled times for reasons other than because their game was cancelled or rescheduled, will be considered a NO SHOW. DO NOT ASSUME that because you emailed the club that your game has been reschedule without a confirmation email.  NO SHOW teams will automatically forfeit their scheduled game and those games will not be allowed to be rescheduled.  Additionally, as a Home team, if you fail to show up for your game, you will be responsible for any and all referee fee’s associated with the cost of your game.


All coaches should plan on playing their scheduled games under all weather conditions unless their game time has been cancelled by SSC communicated by:

  •  Listed on website:
  •  Listed on Facebook page:
  •  Received an email from the Sapulpa Soccer Club
  •  Coach communication app (Currently Heja)